For Admissions/Course Details/Fee Particulars Contact: IES, Hyderabad. Ph: 040-27763367/9246501667/9246506667

The EXAMINATIONS will be conducted by the Professional bodies/Universities recognized by Govt. and the CERTIFICATES will be awarded by them only.   


The major functions of IES as Institutional Member/Authorised Study Centre are:


-           Taking Admissions into the Course on behalf of the Professional bodies/Universities.


-           Processing & Forwarding the Membership/Enrollment/Examination Forms to the              concerned Institutions/Universities.


-           Providing the Study Material & Conducting Contact Programme Classes in Theory and             Practicals/Project Reports.


            IES is an Institutional Member/Authorised Study Centre of Professional bodies/Universities.  It is no way connected with the rules and regulations of those Insitutions/Universities changing time to time.  The admission into a particular course of Institution/University is purely based on the rules and regulations of the Institution/Universiy.

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